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Bobbie Lee Howard as a Christian Wife and Mother watched her young children board a school bus in tears, theirs and her’s.  This couldn’t be the best academic option for her family. After much prayer, the Howard’s found their answer and began Home Schooling their two children. The joys and struggles; the prayers and the fears resulted in the books that are now available. It is a testimony of God’s faithfulness to their family and hopefully an encouragement to yours as you begin the same journey.

Bobbie Howard married Michael on August 18, 1973 will celebrate their 33rd Wedding Anniversary in August 2006. The mother of two children, both graduates of “Genesis High School”, their Home School. Heather Walker is married, mother of six children and began her own home school program.  Matthew Howard is married to Syrena and they have a wonderful, sweet daughter, Kayla.  Michael is retired from the Air Force and currently operates his own business providing Mobile Computer Services for home users and small business owners.





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